Sunday, October 2, 2011

At Justmint's Wedding and Intan's House

Salam everyone!!

Yesterday, i've been to another wedding of my high school friend, Justmint. Thanx to her for inviting and it was a great wedding indeed. Congrats Justmint & hubby!

And later that nite, dropped by a friend's house, Intan Shaza, and had a really fun time chit-chatting & photos-taking. It was my first time visiting and at a first sight, i just love the new renovated home. So homey, really modern-like and i must say, a place you would never wanna leave lol!

So far i enjoyed the nite, even though i was working in the day, rushed to a nearest gas station to changed clothes after work, headed to shah alam and stucked in a jammed cause there was a football match at the stadium, pheww, luckily i arrived at the wedding on time, actually, we were among the earliest tee hee hee...

As i was tweeted the day before, i gotta meet a lot of high school friends at the wedding, and yes, i did! Especially got to meet a friend who just got back from Aussie doing her studies. Gosh, we've all grown ups. Really can't talk about schools anymore as we really misses those times.

Every wishes before leaving, as usual "Jumpe korang on next wedding" haha

With Nawal of FierNawal's Studio

Oh by the way, we have a photo with the bride & bridegroom but taken by their photographer. So yeah, wait til it's being uploaded =)

And below pictures taken at Intan's house

Us: Faridah, Liyana, Me, Intan Shaza & Hana

Til we meet again~

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