Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My birthday surprises!

It was my birthday yesterday and received 100++ wishes on Facebook, thanks to all dearest friends who spared the time to write on my wall. Really appreciate it.

Back at the office, i never expected any surprises coming as we were all kinda busy with work and all of us didn't get our paycheck yet, so i thought, a lil gifts from colleagues and simple wishes would be the treats. So at 3.00pm, which is our tea-break time, went to the canteen as usual. Stepped into the crowd and i could see them (my close colleagues) ready at a corner with pizzas and a cake at the center of the table. They were all laughed and cheered, was sooo happy at the moment, deep inside, i was glad to have these bunch of friends around, the one who celebrates your birthday, the one who listens to your stories, and the one who you could share your happiness with. I love them all! 

And the cake was a carrot cake. My colleague, Alin, said that it was my favorite cake, LOL, i am not into fruit cakes actually, i am a cheesecake and chocolate cake's lover, but, i have to say, the carrot cake was sooo yummy!! Loved the cream cheese, just loved it. Again, a millionth thanks to Alin, Kak Gee, Fendy, Kak Zurina, Kok Hui Lee, Zul, Jimal, Ikbal, Kamal, Azmi, Abg Yus, Sabiqi, Haidi, Abg Azaharie and Abg Fazlee for the birthday surprises!! <3 <3

And later in the evening, was about to go back home, but when i opened my car door, i got a second surprises and i was so speechless. Regardless to say, kinda freaked out as i was pretty sure, i locked the car and i was hoping nobody broke-in, double LOL! So i opened the card and read, it was from my dearest hunny boo, Emi. Called him at the instance and he said my sister helped him out, with the keys of course. He said he wanted to stay and wait for me outside but he got class to attend so he couldn't wait. And he got me this cute lil cake decorated with candy-colored macarons. Loved it!! And i love him dearly, again, never expected this one's coming. Honestly, best day ever. Love the moments, love it all <3 <3

25 already??? Didn't expect this either =)


  1. OMG so beautiful you birthday present,,btw happy birthday again iylia:)

  2. Nikisa: Thank you so much dear!! <3 <3