Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Just Me

Is there something that always bugging you lately? Is it about your work, your friends, family, love-life relationships, or is it actually because of you yourself? Yes, you. Admit it, we have that one-kind of ego that defines our personality. Or is it because you just don't have the confidence in you, that makes you so rebellious ppl always have that un-easy feelings about you. So let's face it and revamp everything negative about yourself.

But first, you need to know yourself better.

Which girl are you??

Sometimes you think that people always say bad things to you, even when you don't hear 'em yourself. And sometimes you thought people doesn't like you, but you don't know whether it is true, you just believing it...
But somehow, the ego inside us that makes us behaving this way.
It is not a lie, it is a TRUE fact.
An anonymous has been reading to me about an article saying that people with EGO:

  • Doesn't like to be among ppl that is not on the same level as them
  • Always waiting for others to compliments them, but hoping to NOT to hear another ppl (or in this case a rival) got the same or even better compliments
  • Always have negative thinking, but encounter positive thinking only when they got caught or just simply went wrong
  • Always have difficulties to put a SMILE on their faces
  • Doesn't like to hear other ppl's thoughts or comments
  • Can't control their patience
  • Really need an anger management

(source: can't recall which newspaper, but it's a Malay version of daily papers dated 11th-February)

"Life is What You Make iT"
 another source of marvellous quotes

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