Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's in My Bag? (WIYB)

Hello lovelies,

This entree basically inspired by Sis Ami Schaheera on her very own "What's In Your Bag" (WIYB) post.

I am the kind of person that just love BIG bags. Maybe because you can actually put all those things that you want and you always have that feeling that you might use it wherever you are and whenever you need it.

My smart phones | My spectacle (Use it ever since during college) | Pocket-tissue (a must have item for girls) | Face-towel from Aussino | My Paris Hilton's purse (bought 'em on Isetan sale) | Card-holder from Fluff of Henrycats & Friends | Bag from Nine West (currently sharing with my sister, it was her birthday gift from mum)

 Top: Paris Hilton's purse - got it on discounts
Bottom: My make-up bag. Mum got me this on my 24th birthday from Fluff versions of Henry Cats & Friends.

 What's in the Make-Up Bag: from left Clean & Clear acne clearing gel - Best to prevent your acne spot on-the-go | Nail-clipper - you can do a Mani yourself even in the car | Eyeliner from Elianto in black color | Garnier brightening facial wash - Best for freshen up when you need it | Maybelline 'Dolly Rose' flavored lip gloss - for lips moisturizing all day | Antabax hand sanitizer - for hygiene | Bioxil Clarity balancing face moisturizer |  Johnson's moisture body lotion | Maybelline aqua liquid foundation | Blusher from Estee Lauder in peach nuance | ZA two-way foundation powder | Brooches

Maybelline silky powder blush in peach nuance - a birthday gift from that special someone | Face towel from Aussino | Yellow Pansydaisy card-holders from Henrycats & Friends



Just what I always wanted to be in my bag soon

P/s: Thank you kak mami for your wonderful ideas and inspirational thoughts. <3 <3