Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work cum Life

Hye and salam to all,

Today I just wanted to share with you guys about my sweet moments ever since I worked in Sony. There's a lot to talk about actually. Haha well, let's shorten it up a bit, aite!?

When I first came here in 2008, I was a practical trainee where I had to do my training there under one of my final year's course at UPM. Literally, like every other students who wants to do their practical training, I sent out my resume to various manufacturing companies as I had to look for something which is best related with my studies. I studied Material Science in Major Physics during that time. I have to tell ya, I am NOT that GENIUS. I just did WELL. And that is all!! Heh..

So yeah, approximately about few months of waiting, I got a call from someone claiming that he was from SONY. Oh, it was the Human Resources guy!!! I was super excited because he did called me on my cellphone and he said my application has been acknowledged and that I was accepted to do my training there for 3 months under Material Control Dept. Plus I will get my own allowances. Wow, money. Ka-ching!!

And there you go, went to Sony as scheduled and I was greeted by the HR people. Super nervous, lack of confidence, shy, happy, scared..All comes together in one feeling that I did not know how to describe it. Ahah..So of course, they brought me to the Material Control Dept and I met Mr. Karuna, the boss, and he was so nice to me. Well, maybe I was a new staff there. After a week of being 'adopted' by the department, the boss asked me to list down what I had learned during my studies and to my surprise, when he scrolled down the list, he said "I've gone through the subjects here but none of it is related with this department"..I was like, oh gosh!! So what now!! And then he thought of something which I really really appreciated, even until now, I still thanked him for what he does..and i thanked Allah for the path. What he does? He called the bosses of others department, the Engineering dept or to be exact, the Production Engineering dept. So all the three big bosses came. Not 'big' as they have huge bods, no no no..but 'big' in their positions. the Big Boss..

So after a few minutes of being interviewed by the three of them, finally they accepted me and willing to make me their trainee. Yeay!! Syukur!! And for the 3 months period of training, I did my best, I co-operated well, I did whatever they asked me to do without complaining, not that I want to 'bodek' or anything, but I really need it as my final assessment and also my dad said I have to gain as much as I can in the company. And yes, it turned out well. First, I am confirmed to be one of the permanent employee there in the company and Second, I passed my final year results. Alhamdulillah, I got to finish my studies and straightaway filled my teen's life with work life..phew..sometimes I thought it was so fast.

Currently, I am 2 years and 7 months working here as a loyal staff with the company. Loyal? Yes, I am. So far. But there are a lot of things that I need to gain, to learn, to solve problems analytically and technically, it is not EASY. A lot of hard work, a lot of stress, a lot of pressure, but I am sure Allah has what's best for me, so I gotta find it out by myself, with my own strength and patience. Insya-Allah. Mum, dad and the whole family was actually the main reason for all of this. Love them all. <3 <3

 see the image date? 28-May-08..on the early year of my training

And, since I am a junior and I'm basically accepting all the workloads that has been given for me, so I agreed (as instructed by my boss) to be an emcee for every event or meeting that is conducted by our department. The first time I had done it was with Sis Ami during a special occasions on New Model Introduction. sorry for I did not find the old pictures, will upload it once I found it (if any). Actually, to be exact, we have about 3 times of the new model intro meeting a year and apparently, I will be chosen to be the emcee. Well, I don't want to get boasted but thanks a lot boss for the opportunity given. I've been emceed for others meeting as well for at least 5 times now (can't remember how many times I did it because I think it was too many until some of my seniors said it is already my permanent job errr).

So recently, I was an emcee for one of the important meeting with the Japan Designers. This time it was introduced by the design engineers from Kisarazu, not Shinagawa.

*There are some facts or info that I could not share here as it is a bit CONFIDENTIAL*

I am the only lady in below picture. 

Being emcee for a New Model Introduction Meeting
Photos with all the bosses and superiors including the Japan designers


But I have to say, I am pretty happy with what I had done. As a learning curve, I made this quote on my own just to motivate and embrace myself for a brighter future ahead. 

"Strive more, Learn more"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Schoolmate's Wedding: Azri & Shieda


Today I received a reminder from my blackberry calendar on Facebook events regarding our high-school friend's wedding at Putramas Section 7, Shah Alam. It was Azri & Shieda's wedding!! Congratulations guys!! So happy for both of them.

And as usual, the four of us, me, Intan Shaza, Faridah & Liyana went to the wedding together from Faridah's house and we were so anxious to meet all our fellow friends there and also, of course, the beautiful 'pengantin'.

Congratulation Azri & Shieda! <3 <3

From upper left: Ibrahim with baby & wife | bridegroom Azri | Putri Ramlan | beautiful bride Shieda | Shahrir | Me | Intan | Phara Liyana | Liyana aka Lee | Faridah aka Bedah | the twins Dzulfiqar & Dzulfiqri | Megat (Putri Ramlan's twin brother)

 Me, Faridah, Liyana, Intan

 What's on us
Brown bag: Zara | Peep-toe flats: Nine West | i heart Lee's bag: Charles & Keith

The four of us with pretty Zaireen aka Erin

Group photo with Shahrir

Stopped by at SACC's Starbucks for refreshments and chit-chatting 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Color Affairs

Hello there,

Are you guys usually on a Monday blues, especially those who are working, like me? Luckily today the company is on off-day, so mindset totally changed to a brighter moods. Nonetheless, I had to do some errands and 'teman'-ing my mum while dad on business meeting with the GM.

Today colors I picked out pink coupled with yellow and stripes.

The cute-ness of Pop Da Lollies bag - got it from ChicPop#6 bazaar

Pink shawl | Bangi (from a daily bazaar at the company)
Stripe dress | From mum
Biker jacket and yellow bag | Sister's
Bracelet | Diva Accessories

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Just Me

Is there something that always bugging you lately? Is it about your work, your friends, family, love-life relationships, or is it actually because of you yourself? Yes, you. Admit it, we have that one-kind of ego that defines our personality. Or is it because you just don't have the confidence in you, that makes you so rebellious ppl always have that un-easy feelings about you. So let's face it and revamp everything negative about yourself.

But first, you need to know yourself better.

Which girl are you??

Sometimes you think that people always say bad things to you, even when you don't hear 'em yourself. And sometimes you thought people doesn't like you, but you don't know whether it is true, you just believing it...
But somehow, the ego inside us that makes us behaving this way.
It is not a lie, it is a TRUE fact.
An anonymous has been reading to me about an article saying that people with EGO:

  • Doesn't like to be among ppl that is not on the same level as them
  • Always waiting for others to compliments them, but hoping to NOT to hear another ppl (or in this case a rival) got the same or even better compliments
  • Always have negative thinking, but encounter positive thinking only when they got caught or just simply went wrong
  • Always have difficulties to put a SMILE on their faces
  • Doesn't like to hear other ppl's thoughts or comments
  • Can't control their patience
  • Really need an anger management

(source: can't recall which newspaper, but it's a Malay version of daily papers dated 11th-February)

"Life is What You Make iT"
 another source of marvellous quotes

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's in My Bag? (WIYB)

Hello lovelies,

This entree basically inspired by Sis Ami Schaheera on her very own "What's In Your Bag" (WIYB) post.

I am the kind of person that just love BIG bags. Maybe because you can actually put all those things that you want and you always have that feeling that you might use it wherever you are and whenever you need it.

My smart phones | My spectacle (Use it ever since during college) | Pocket-tissue (a must have item for girls) | Face-towel from Aussino | My Paris Hilton's purse (bought 'em on Isetan sale) | Card-holder from Fluff of Henrycats & Friends | Bag from Nine West (currently sharing with my sister, it was her birthday gift from mum)

 Top: Paris Hilton's purse - got it on discounts
Bottom: My make-up bag. Mum got me this on my 24th birthday from Fluff versions of Henry Cats & Friends.

 What's in the Make-Up Bag: from left Clean & Clear acne clearing gel - Best to prevent your acne spot on-the-go | Nail-clipper - you can do a Mani yourself even in the car | Eyeliner from Elianto in black color | Garnier brightening facial wash - Best for freshen up when you need it | Maybelline 'Dolly Rose' flavored lip gloss - for lips moisturizing all day | Antabax hand sanitizer - for hygiene | Bioxil Clarity balancing face moisturizer |  Johnson's moisture body lotion | Maybelline aqua liquid foundation | Blusher from Estee Lauder in peach nuance | ZA two-way foundation powder | Brooches

Maybelline silky powder blush in peach nuance - a birthday gift from that special someone | Face towel from Aussino | Yellow Pansydaisy card-holders from Henrycats & Friends



Just what I always wanted to be in my bag soon

P/s: Thank you kak mami for your wonderful ideas and inspirational thoughts. <3 <3

Friday, February 4, 2011


Hello! Have you ever craved for something cheesy? The first dish that pops into my head was mac & cheese. My favorite.  And Kenny Rogers had the best mac & cheese ever.

Had a super-duper late lunch at Kenny Rogers, One Utama

As usual, I had black-pepper quarter meal with coleslaw and of course, double portions of mac & cheese..starters of a vanilla muffin and iced lemon tea for quenched thirst..

 Since he quit smoking recently, I could see the chubby-ness on his cheeks lol

What I was wearing....

Before going out, I practically just sits in front of my closet not sure which outfit that's best for our cheese evening-date. Finally, I decided to put on a polka-dots. Both on my tops and scarfs.

 Two-piece in Grey polka-dot tops and velvet skirt - Zara
Peak-shoulder black half-cardiga- Cotton-On
Grey skinny jeans - Zara
Black and white polka-dot scarf - Sugarscarf
Square bag - Sister's


This is so cute I wish I'll find it in stores nearby :)

Happy CNY 2011

Hello and Happy Thursday to everyone,

Yesterday on Chinese New Year hols, I went out to One Utama Shopping Center to have my late lunch with my man. Luckily, we didn't go there for a shopping trip because so many shops were closed due to the Gong Xi Fa Cai celebrations. However, many ppl went there with their friends and family and all I could see was red outfit. Beautiful and prosperous day-out I must say.

So, I hope, it is not too late to wish all my Chinese friends out there a very Happy Chinese New Year, may this 'Rabbit' year brings you joy and happiness.

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2011..hop hop....