Sunday, July 24, 2011

BFF's Wedding: Kamilia Alias

Morning guys!!

So yeah, i feel like wanna update something today. Usually after a wedding i attended, i will update my blogpost with the photos. So here we go again. This time it was my bff's wedding in Teluk Intan, Perak. I drove all the way from KL-Teluk Intan-Ipoh then my bf drove us back from Ipoh to KL. To Ipoh was actually because we need to send my bf's sister's car at her rented home.

Congratulations Cammie dear!! Finally you're married!! Hope you'll live happily and get cute babies!!

What i wore to the wedding?

 I decided to try on my nude beige schanaz scarf (a gift from sis Ami Schaheera) together with Sugarscarf's turban-alike-inner balqis. Kinda happy by how it turned out and sorta matched with my bright pink kebaya. This kebaya fabric i bought long time ago at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR), KL with sis Ami Schaheera during fabric hunting for her wedding's preparations, and we made it to be a kebaya at Dzuldeclassique boutique in Kajang. And the clutch i used is from Forever21, which currently my favorite.

How i wore my scarf?

I always find a hard time to wear silk satin shawl as it is slippery and always wanna fall down over your head. So without googling for any hijab tutorial, i tried wrapped it up myself. So here how i did it:

  1. Put your scarf on the head, make one side longer than the other one
  2. Take the scarf to the back and pin it
  3. Take the longer ones side scarf up and pull it over your head (by how AmiSchaheera do it on video below, making it like a hood)
  4. Left it hanging on the other side (not twist or do anything)
  5. Secure it with pins on both sides of your head
  6. Now take the shorter ones side scarf to cover your neck and pin at the back side (so that we will not see the pin which we use to secure it)
  7. And it's done

    After somebody asked how do i wear my scarf, then only i tried looking at some tutorials. I did remember sis Ami had made her first video of hijab tutorial (knotted hijab), and then i saw a THIRD tutorial from her (i never noticed this one before as i'm not with the internet all the time which is so wrong as you might lose some of cool stuffs or news), and i've watched it and i was like "owh just the way i made it!!" but only i made it slightly lower for the upper layer heh!

    See how it looked like from the side =)

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