Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Delicious & Alexis with the gurls

Salam all,

So I'm not into some Wordless Wednesday today, yeah, i just wanted to share some photos of me & my gurls having fun stuff and girly talks at our current favorite hang-out place, Delicious & Alexis.

Remember my 3 friend's weddings on weekend that i've been to? Before Syaira's wedding reception at Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang, the three of us, me, Lee & Faridah went to Midvalley to do some shopping and plus need to wander around while waiting for the wedding in night time. So, we quenched thirst at Delicious (nearest to Charles & Keith store where Lee had bought a really nice purse for herself). We also went to Lovely Lace & Room to buy some presents. 

We went there on Saturday, so sad no free desserts :(

What we had!!!

All desserts are super Delicious. Can't get enough of the red velvet, though. LOL

And move on to my Alexis date

We were dangerously excited that day because we got to meet our long lost sister a.k.a Hana Jamilkhir (who was our bff back in high-school but moved to Sepang followed her family and we barely see her ever since). Just after Syaira's wedding, we got to hang-out again, like 'ol times. Had to admit, we really missed her a lot ^_^

left: Liza and Hana

my strawberry + raspberry meringue

Okay, like Hana said..masing2 meregnyih..hehe..menggedik is the best word..
well i'm not gedik, the picture can tell :P

Any cool lepak place with yummiest desserts? Call us xoxo
Til then..tada


  1. hahahha..mmg xgedik lnsung pon..u static je kat situ kn..haha =D neway, best nyer mkn2 ni..tau restaurant ni but xpnh msuk lg lah ^^ hehe bp range price kat cni ek..

  2. hyet ...luv read ur blog..luv ur style..and desert make me tersangatttt lapar....pavlova...craving!

  3. suzai: haha kan i dah kata i tak gedik..hihi..nnt try la pegi situ..a bit pricey but puas ati :)

  4. mommyhani: thank you so much..go go get yourself one pavlova..hehe