Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fav Casual Wear - Batwing Tops & a Clutch

Hello lovelies!!

These are my current favorite casual outfit for a day out, i even wear 'em for running errands. The flowy effect of the tops really works, kinda the way i like it on bright and sunny day. I've worn this tops before at Stellar during the fashion rehab bazaar with Maysaa. I donned it with a flare skirt, felt blend over with the fashionistas, eventho i was really messy that time as i only wore a simple 'tudung bawal' due to my black scarf got burnt out while ironing (heh, silly me, should have leave the maid to do it, coz only she knows how to work the steaming iron properly durhh). Well, read my post about the event {here}. So, move on to the pictures, i must tell it is such a comfy outfit for an evening venture. Can't get enough of batwings, gotta find more of the kind. Mind the geeky pose with my dull-looking face (where gone my blush?), did some random shots around the residency area. Photos taken by EmiNem

What i was wearing:

Almond batwing top | Lalin Closet
Pants | SODA
Rianna shawl in fuschia | Sugarscarf
Shoes | Vincci
Printed clutch | Forever21
Bow necklace | Shop Sptnkswthrt
Bracelet | Midvalley


Before leaving the post, just a reminder for you to vote your best looks on TheOctober's JulyFall's StreetStyle. You can vote for me if you want too =) Appreciate mucho!! <3

It's the month of July and the.October (or now their new website is called October Origin) had introduced their monthly Most Wanted Street Style where you just have to snap a photo of yours wearing their own pieces of items that you bought from their stores.

I'm sure you guys have seen this photo of mine before. I was wearing the.October comfy maxi tank dress in army green. I've submitted my photo to October Origin and I would really appreciate you guys to go to my picture in the album {here} and click 'LIKE'


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