Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Lina Wears to F1 Themed Dinner Party

Okay, as promised  to my friend, Lina, i wanted to share her photo here on my blog. I just love how she pulled it off to her company's F1 themed dinner party. Apparently, she thought about the outfit herself. She did asked some of fashion bloggers out there but no reply, so sad though. She did asked me too but well, i ain't no fashion guru, haha, the first came across my mind was leather jacket too and something to do with red (Schumacher's all over). And when she posted her pictures on Facebook, i was like 'jaw dropping' to see her in this leather jacket and beautifully done tops and scarfs. Owh, and i love her boots, too. I think she wore it rite! Good job Lina! :)

*all photos stolen from Lina's Facebook account*

Lina (right)

Lina with her colleagues

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