Sunday, July 10, 2011

TheOctober's JulyFalls Most Wanted StreetStyle

Salam dearies!!

It's the month of July and the.October (or now their new website is called October Origin) had introduced their monthly Most Wanted Street Style where you just have to snap a photo of yours wearing their own pieces of items that you bought from their stores.

I'm sure you guys have seen this photo of mine before. I was wearing the.October comfy maxi tank dress in army green. I've submitted my photo to October Origin (details pls scroll below) and I would really appreciate you guys to go to my picture in the album {here} and click 'LIKE'

About the Streetstyle and How to Enter!
You could win yourself a freebies or even better a RM300 cash vouchers to be won. All you gotta do is buy their products, eg. clothes, accessories etc, then you'll just have three simple steps below:
1. DRESS the item that you bought
2. SNAP a shot of your photo
3. SEND your photos to

But, pls remember!, the dateline for your photo submission is by 15th of July and the 'LIKE's counting til 30th-July. So do spread around the word after you've got a reply from October Origin telling you that your photo is 'up'. Then, you can check out their StreetStyle's Album {here} to look for your photos and tell your friends to 'LIKE' it, as the most 'LIKE's could win and maybe by of luck your photo could be featured at the October Origin's front page =)

Do check out these websites of them at below links:
OctoberOrigin official website

[click on image to go to JulyFall's Happening Now Facebook page]

Thanks a lot guys for the support <3 <3

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  1. Hi Iylia

    Great to see you here and many thanks for sharing the info about October Origin!

    Good Luck & Cheers! ;)