Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter's Weekend

Good morning everyone! Up so early on Saturday :)

So i think wanna post up some shots taken during Harry Potter's weekend at Midvalley.
Was so excited to watch the movie as HP has been intelligently created by this truly amazing lady, JK Rowling, who was actually living in poverty (before she became zillionaires). According to my mum, she started writing harry potter's story when she was sooo poor, she used to write her book under a dimmed candle lite, with small kids, small rooms to live in..and when she finished a chapter, she sent out her writings to be published by one of this company, but they laughed at her, telling her it was some kind of a joke and she will not succeed...but sooner or later, she never gave up and there was one lucky guy, came up to her and said he could help then, people loved her story, and she started making another chapters and so on, until her book been chosen to be a movie..what a great obstacles to begin with to lead to a finest victory..such an inspirations to me!!

Now, what i was wearing to the movie
Some of the outfit is repeated from my previous post. We went to Mid afterwards

Leopard maxi skirt | Love It, Ikano
Laced top Somerset Bay inspired | from sister
Rianna shawl in fuschia | Sugarscarf
Bracelet | Midvalley
Shoes | Vincci
Bag | Calvin Klein (an advanced birthday gift from mum <3)

Insist my guy to take a photo of me in front of this newly open Sweet Chat..
we didn't have our dessert though =)


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I'm sure you guys have seen this photo of mine before. I was wearing the.October comfy maxi tank dress in army green. I've submitted my photo to October Origin (details pls scroll below) and I would really appreciate you guys to go to my picture in the album {here} and click 'LIKE'

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